Do You Know Why There Are Bumps On The F & J Keys On The Keyboard?


Innovations seem to be made in technology on a daily basis. However, at least one device appears to have stayed the same for years and that’s the keyboard. While you may not have noticed it, the keyboard has actually been quietly improved in a significant way.

While the look of the keyboard has remained virtually the same, the keys have undergone little changes as well. This is due to the fact that people have subconsciously memorized the standard QWERTY layout of a keyboard and memorizing a new layout would be too confusing.

However, one thing you may not have realized is that bumps have been introduced on top of the F and J keys. And the reason for this innovation is actually quite useful. Perhaps you noticed it and didn’t know what it was for or maybe you didn’t notice it at all?


Few changes have been made to the keyboard since the QWERTY system was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes. Sholes created the layout in the 1870s after introducing the first typewriter to the United States.

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    1. It Is because you are still using old version phone with old version keypad.. My Black Berry 9900 has bump on “D” key for me to know the position of my hand…