ELECTION: 12 Types Of People You Will Meet At Polling Booths


The Elections, scheduled to hold tomorrow, March 28, 2015 will bring change to Nigeria. And as 60% of Nigerians will be coming out to vote, there are categories of people you’ll meet at polling booths. We bring to you, the 12 types of people you are going to meet at polling units.

1.) The Gentlemen/Ladies

These are the types of people the will visit the polling unit just to fulfill their mission which is to vote peacefully and after that, go back to their home without any problem.

2.) The Elders

These people(mostly men) are always between the age 70-80+ you will always find them sitting under a tree or any shaded area within the polling centre lecturing young men about the history of politics and how the country was going from bad to good and vice versa.

3.) The ‘I Too Know’ (ITKs)
These are the categories of people that you will see jumping from one place to the other as if they are INEC chairman. You will never see them at rest, they can even go to the extent of teaching the INEC officials their works.

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