Hilarious Inscriptions Found On Some Nigerian Vehicles

We use vehicles, be it Keke, Okada, cars or buses, to navigate throughout our day to day activities. Sometimes, we even employ the most reliable vehicle of all, the “legedis- benz” for our daily “waka waka.”

Vehicles are awesome, they take us almost everywhere. But has anyone been paying attention to the writings or inscriptions that adorn buses and other vehicles in many urban areas?

Maybe it’s just me. Check out some of the funniest vehicle inscriptions I’ve come across:

1. This Keke Driver’s English may be zero but his swag is number 1!!


2. Waste management Truck


I bet Iyanya didn’t envision this kind of remix to his song.

3. Commercial Bus


Can Manchester United FC please clarify?

4. Mobile Offering


I’m still in shock. The lengths people will go to, just to earn a few bucks for religion.

5. I bet God knows a lot of Georges who are judges.


6. Another waste management truck


This is a public service announcement. Don’t be “judgey”

7. Commercial Bus Again


You have been given fair warning.

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