If Game Of Thrones Was A Nigerian Movie, These Actors Would’ve Played These Roles


Everyone loves Game Of Thrones and can’t wait for season 7, but imagine who would have played what role if the popular series was made by Nigerians?

Check them out as compiled by OMG Nigeria
@Prince_VII did a marvelous job by giving us a vivid comparison of the Game Of Thrones characters with Nigerian movie characters and it played out very here, check for yourself if you agree he’s on point.

1. Melisandre (The Red Woman) – Eucharia Anunobi

She fits the character perfectly …

Game of Thrones Nigerian Actors 14


2. Margaery Tyrell – Tonto Dike

Game of Thrones Nigerian Actors 16


3. Queen Cersei – Patience Ozokwor

Who best can play the role of a wicked mother than the good ol’ Patience Ozorkwor

Game of Thrones Nigerian Actors 28

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