Top Nollywood Stars With Great Chemistry and Attraction In Movies

Apart from the entertainment value we get from movies, they are also used as a means to express several points of view, emotions and opinions of people. Although fictional, a good movie is one that has the ability to capture your imagination so well, you start seeing reality in a whole new light.

When you watch a movie and you see chemistry between an actor and an actress on screen, you start wondering if there is anything going on behind closed doors. Here are some celebrities who have great chemistry working on set.

Genevieve Nnaji And Majid Michel (Bursting Out)


Majid Michel is one of the most crushed after actors in Nollywood and Ghollywood and many female celebrities have revealed their attraction to him based on his acting skills and onscreen presence.

Genevieve Nnaji is also a household name and an icon in Nollywood and Majid referred to her as his ‘Marilyn Manroe’ in one of his instagram posts.


There is no doubt that these two have chemistry and their scene in ‘Bursting Out’ was so sensual, you would think they were just repeating a scene from a one night stand they had off camera. That particular scene got them an award for Best Kiss at the iROKO TV Choice Awards.

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