We Bet You Didn’t Know These Four English Words Have Nigerian Origins

Do you know some words in the English “dico” are actually from some indigenous Nigerian languages?

Yes oh, some words you find in the English dictionary are borrowed from ethnic languages in our very own Naija.

Shey you don’t believe me?

Here are four words that you find in the English dictionary that are Proudly Naija made:

1. Yam


Who doesn’t know yam? Every tribe in Naija has a yam dish. It’s a staple here in Naija and many other countries the world over. Did you know the word yam comes from the Fulani word “nyami” which means “to eat”?

Now you do!

2. Juju


The word Juju needs no introduction. It is a Yoruba word which can refer to “charms” or the music genre “afro-juju”.

3. Okra

fresh okra on white background , close up

The British and the rest of the world have been spelling Okra wrong for centuries. Okra comes from the Igbo word “Okuro” meaning “lady fingers”. It is commonly spelt Okro in Naija.

4. Dashiki


The word “dashiki” refers to a pullover garment worn mainly by men. Do you know the English variation comes from the Yoruba and Hausa words “dansiki” and “dan ciki”.

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