#BBNaija: Debbie Rise told Bisola to shut up cos she was not ‘Making Sense’, but Bisola was having none of it! (Video)

Honestly, we were getting bored. Bored of the housemates being cozy and friendly. We were hungry for fire and yes, we just got some of it. Thanks to Debie-Rise and Bisola.

Biggie had tasked the housemates to create a game tournament and they’ve been on about setting it all up. When the games started, Debie-Rise pushed for a change in the rules and Bisola immediately opposed.

Debie-Rise, the calm, meek and introverted housemate went ballistic and trust that, we didn’t see it coming. This is the second time both housemates are getting in an altercation. They spared no words the first time and it wasn’t different this time as well.

Debie walked past Bisola and told her to “keep shut“! Ah…how? since when? Of course, Bisola would not take that bullshit so she retorted and rounded up by telling Debie to “close her fucking ears and be bloody deaf“.

Oh well, we like how things got heated up a bit. The show was getting a bit cold and we’re totally here for the drama, this sort of drama. And no, we’re not evil! We just like drama…

Bisola’s face though!

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