#BBNaija: Bisola now knows TTT is married? Housemates reveal what life would be like for them outside the Big Brother house + More Highlights

There are only four days before the Big Brother Naija reality show draws the curtains.

The theme for this final week is Nostalgia and the five remaining housemates have getting along so well, participating in old tasks, reflecting on their past and talking a lot about everything the future holds starting Sunday.

Because Biggie understands fairness, he gave the housemates who have never won the HoH task a chance to own the Head of House title in turns till the game ends. Current HoH Bisola was required to pick any of Marvis, TBoss and Debie-Rise to have the first go and she walked over to Debie-Rise and crowned her.

HoH Debie-Rise read a task brief that said they each had to graffiti a plain white pair of trousers. Without knowing why, the housemates got on it and when they completed the task, Biggie asked them into the Arena and made them wear the painted trousers for a game. They had to place an iron rod on their foreheads, spin a couple of times, then run to another end, pick a tennis ball and transport it back to the other end in between their thighs, knees or feet. After about three rounds, all the housemates had been disqualified for breaking rules, except Marvis. She was named winner.

TBoss later went aside to cry her heart out for losing the game, she blamed herself for doing something stupid that led to a loss. Well, Debie-Rise made several attempts to console her but it hardly worked. Did TBoss have to cry?

Wasn’t it just a game? What do you think?

At the Diary Room, Biggie was just as curious as we are. He asked the housemates what life would be like for them outside the Big Brother house, after the show now that they have earned fame. TBoss was concerned about using the BBNaija platform to fly. Recall that few days ago, she was sure she would fail once she got out of the house but we have Bisola to thank for the words of encouragement. We think those words have settled in now because TBoss is filled with new confidence for what the near future holds.

Bisola told Biggie that her child is her biggest inspiration and she would work so hard to ensure the 8-year-old gets the best out of life and doesn’t have to face struggles similar to hers. She’s also determined to focus on building her career.

For Marvis, she’d have to deal with people who will misunderstand her intentions and lifestyle. She claims to choose her friends carefully and would have a hard time “geling” with everyone who flocks around her now that she’s about to step into fame.

Efe said he was set to take on the life without going back. No going back to poverty or mediocrity. He acknowledged Davido’s advice from yesterday.

Debie-Rise seemed most confident about what the future holds for her and she’s trusting that her faith will guide her.

Later on in the night, the housemates returned from the arena to meet mannequins wearing some of the outfits/costumes they had worn in the course of the show. Biggie was all about helping the housemates remember and it worked. They all started to talk about evicted housemates, they reminisced on how some of them got their nicknames, their romantic relationships etc.

Well, this was the point where it seemed Bisola has come to terms with the fact that ThinTallTony may actually be married (as far as she knows). When they joked about who their house lovers would be with now, Bisola said TTT would be “with his girlfriend or wife as the case may be”. Errrr! Reality dawned on Bisola? Or is she only getting her mind prepared for the big reveal?

Whatever the case is, one of the five housemates will be crowned winner this Sunday. You need to vote for your favourite so we don’t end up with the “It was rigged” conversation. The only way your favourite housemate can win this is if you VOTE. Do not just tweet or write about it: VOTE.

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