#BBNaija: Housemates Paint a Picture of what they think Big Brother Looks Like

Day 37 has Biggie feeling some type of way about art so he got the housemates to create a visual representation of him. He told them to let their imaginations run wild and it sure did as the housemates came up with very interesting paintings of what Biggie looks like to them.

Head of House, ThinTallTony came up with a Biggie without a face but who was omnipotent as well. For Efe, Biggie is not the same person so he attempted to create the personalities in one image. Marvis went for the logo effect, she wrote out the words “Big Brother” and dumped a crown next to it while Uriel just assumed Biggie belongs to beard gang.

When the housemates finished with this, Biggie instructed them to create a sculpture of an evicted housemate they shared beautiful memories with. To get this to work, the housemates converged before the portraits of their evicted friends where they said kind words about them as they were remembered.

It was at this point Efe won millions of hearts with the words he had for Bisola. *recall that the housemates still believe Bisola and Bally have been evicted. While the others described Bisola as fun, loud, aggressive and funny, Efe described her as a strong woman who is bound to be a priceless gift to any man who marries her. He took his praise of her beyond the walls of the house and easily won the approval of Bisola’s fans.

Bisola and Bally have been up to nothing at their paradise location and to be frank, it’s starting to get boring. The only relief is that they get to watch the other housemates on TV screen made available to them and they get loads of great meals too.

Still wondering who Biggie is? See what he looks like, according to the housemates:

Debbie Rise
Thin Tall Tony

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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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