Bobrisky angrily sacks his driver whom he pays N300k per month

Bobrisky always likes to keep his fans in the know of what is going on in his life. His latest update has to do with his driver.

According to him, he had to sack his driver for disrespecting him.

Apparently, Bobrisky had to take the tough decision to sack his driver who according to him earned N300,000 monthly but had the guts to be rude to him.

Informing his fans of the drama, he revealed that the not-so-lucky driver hissed at him while he was speaking. A heart-broken Bob stated that he can’t stand being disrespected after being nothing but a good person.

“I just f**king sack my driver, he is mad. I’m talking to him and he hiss at me. Let me see who will pay the idiot 300k in this Lagos.” he wrote

He continued; “I pay him 300k because he runs errands for me, apart from driving me around my destinations.

“He is now begging me. No way, i told him to leave my house. My brother will drive me out this evening pending the time i will see a new driver. One thing i so much hate in my life is disrespect. I cannot be doing good to you yet you wanna disrespect me. No way!”

It also appears Bob won’t be taking him back as he tasked him with looking for another employer who will pay him such amount for driving them around.

Just recently, the cross dresser surprised James (aka ‘they didn’t caught me’) with a cash gift of N100,000 just because he admires him.


Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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