“I knew TTT was married…it wasn’t my place to tell Bisola” – Bassey confirms in New Interview

A couple of weeks ago when a photo of TTT and Bassey together outside the #BBNaija house surfaced online, there were speculations about Bassey being aware of TTT’s marital status while the other housemates remained in the dark.

In a new interview with Olisa Adibua and Maria Okan of Beat FM, Bassey has confirmed that he did in fact know about TTT’s marriage but that it wasn’t in his place to tell Bisola, who was TTT’s love interest during his stay in the house.

See the excepts of the interview:

Asked if he knew TTT was married

“Sincerely, I got into the house on the second week, so I thought introductions were already in order during the first week.

I wouldn’t just jump into any issue when I’m not invited and I didn’t have that opportunity at any point. Like I said: Tony is a grown man and he’s a really good person. I’m sure he knows why did what he did.”

Asked if he kept quiet because it wasn’t in his place to tell TTT


Asked what his job before entering the house

“Before Big Brother Naija, I used to act. I have done a couple of stuff of TV, commercials too. So, that’s what I used to to before Big Brother.”

Asked about his relationship with DebbieRise

“My relationship with DebbieRise is based on trust..and I respect her so much. I like the fact that she is a very creative person; she brought out a part of me I would probably not have brought out to the fullest.

And that chick taught me how to play guitar in one week. I had never pulled a string before but she taught me in one week, and so I respect that. I didn’t want to give in to the pressure of having to be emotionally involved with her because Big Brother is short-lived, and after the house what happens?

I find her attractive. She is sapiosexual.”

Asked if he finds her attractive on the ‘erotic’ level

“Oh, no. Maybe because I didn’t want to be emotionally involved with anybody in the house. So, I placed everybody at a certain level which was good for me to be able to relate with them.

DebbieRise is so beautiful! [But] I have a girlfriend.”

Asked yet again what he thought of TTT’s conduct at the house

“Tony is a very well-spirited fellow. I’m sure whatever happened was just part of the game.”

Asked who he hopes will win the competition

“I am hoping DebbieRise wins, but based on what I’ve heard from the outside world, I think Efe and Bisola are on the rise.”

Asked what his family thinks of his participation in the show

“They are very proud of me.”

Asked what he want to do henceforth, he tells Olisa Adibua:

“I want to be on radio, on TV – thank God I have you to coach me on that!”

Asked if he told the housemates about his girlfriend

“Yeah! Debbie knows, everybody knows.

Before I decided to tell anybody about that, I thought about it. Tayo [Faniran] was at Big Brother Africa and he had a girlfriend who was pregnant for him… and he was there till the final.

The reality is what matters; it’s not bad for you to have a girlfriend. It’s not bad for you to be in a relationship.”

Asked how his girlfriend felt about the show

“She is [was] scared. She was paranoid; she was like, “so, everybody will be seeing your body? These girls will now be touching you!”

Will Bassey’s dream of becoming an OAP come true?

Peep into the last part of the interview and see what Olisa told the ex-housemate at the end of the interview!

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