Kemi Olunloyo Comes For Olajumoke: “She Dropped Out Of Primary and Can’t Even Speak English”


While many people are moved by Olajumoke Orisaguna’s breadseller-to-model story, Kemi Olunloyo, the daughter of a former Oyo State governor, is unimpressed by Nigeria’s hottest new model. “Spare me the rhetoric,” Ms Olunloyo went off on Twitter, “The breadseller is no icon or role model!”

Ms Olunloyo is clearly irritated at how social media users have branded Olajumoke a role model, though many ascribe that title to her due to her earlier struggles of supporting her family before being discovered by TY Bello.

TY Bello was not spared in the Twitter rant as Ms Olunloyo also dragged the singer and photographer in her outbursts. “TY Bello has NOT transformed Olajumoke’s life for GOOD,” the activist said, adding, “Nothing in life is P E R M A N E N T!”

And that’s not all. MS Olunloyo chose that occasion to drag the Yoruba, accusing them of illiteracy. See her tweets:

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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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  1. Olunloyo if u can’t appreciate a good deed and let it be don’t condemn it. D fact that there are no bread doesn’t mean they don’t eat bread. Someone still sells it to them. What do we call the seller then. She will speak good English in time. #hatersonline#,#Badbelle #

  2. Kemi olunloyo you are very stupid, you should go about your pathetic life and stop speaking ill of people. Where were you when ty spotted her, she can’t speak English now doesn’t mean she won’t, when God wants to change a life for the better, he does so in seconds, so what if her mum sells fish, she won’t well fish forever so shut your useless mouth up and do something meaningful with your life and visit a motherless babies home why you are at it. So you may be greatful to God that you are educated and financially stable…..#bad below is allowed#.

  3. kemi u here again saying trach,same u came here say nonses abt olamide baddo.being ex-governor daughter dos’t means u av everything.dear kemi u lack manner.jumoke s a bread seller yet her blessin located her.let me ask u av u married .nop.did av child me hw ur future wil b u dnt even kwn..see mak i tell u tru talk if ur papa an ur mama no remember tell u say dis world wey we day mouth dey kill penson i dey tel u nw oooooo.oshofree

  4. Madam, allow the beautiful young woman enjoy her new found life. It’s not her fault if you weren’t discovered. E ma binu ori.