Man Proposes to his girlfriend at Ikeja City Mall, Lagos (Photos)

A Nigerian man proposed to his girlfriend on her birthday at Ikeja City Mall on March 14 and it was simple, surprising and perfect.

A man named Jay decided to hold a simple yet sweet proposal for his girlfriend, Sekinat Lawal at Ikeja City Mall in Lagos. He planned it on March 14 because that is also her birthday.

Sekinat shared her surprise at everything on her Instagram. She said: “I was at the mall with my friends and I had to finish with my dressing before posing for the camera. We came out to this crowd and I was wondering what was happening.”

“My friends said maybe it’s a proposal. One friend said she need to use the ATM down the escalator. I said you know a proposal is going on there and i must not fall in front of that crowd. She said I won’t fall and I said “if I fall I won’t forgive you ooo”.”

“As we walked by, all I could see was ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ and my boo, he came all the way to me. I couldn’t help it but scream! I was short of words….but I could say”YES”.

Her birthday turned out to be a double celebration, congrats to them!

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