Meet The Nigerian Who Made TIME’s List Of Influential People On The Internet


Yesterday, TIME Magazine released their second annual roundup of the most influential people on the Internet and a Nigerian made the list.

The magazine sized up contenders by looking at their global impact on social media and their overall ability to drive news and we’re super delighted to acknowledge our own Angie Nwandu who is the founder of The Shade Room.


Angelica Ndidi Nwandu is 25 and is re-imagining celebrity gossip. BuzzFeed has called her the first media mogul of the distributed content age and we agree in all sense of it. Angie started working on Instagram after she was out of work in March 2014 and within two weeks, her posts had attracted 10,000 followers.

Now, she has built her media company into one with 3 million followers on Instagram, a spin-off website with full details on gossip feeds, a Facebook page with 4 million fans, YouTube channel and a Snapchat account to mention but a few.

In her profile on TIMES Magazine which was penned by Nolan Feeney,

As more and more of our own daily interactions happen online, so, too, does celebrity drama. And Nwandu, 25, has made it her business to capture it. Two years ago, she started The Shade Room, an Instagram account and blog that aims to be like Page Six for celebrities on social media: a chronicle of who likes whose posts, who comments on whose photos, and who starts following (or better yet, unfollowing) each other. Since then, TSR has become a burgeoning media empire, replete with its own tipsters, staff (there are now fourfull-time employees), and advertisers—all of whom serve an audience of 3.9 million. And counting.

More grease to your elbow Angie!

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