Men, conduct a DNA test on every single child of yours – Doctor advises after his experience with a female client

Are you sure the children you are fathering are indeed yours? Well, a medical doctor is advising that men should conduct DNA tests on every single child of theirs to be cocksure they are not training and spending on another man’s children ignorantly.

Dr Adams Ayeni, a medical doctor who doubles as a satirist said that from his experience with a female client he attended to, most men might be fathering children whom they are not biologically related to in any way.

Writing on his twitter page, he recounted how a woman visited the facility where he works with a child with ‘packed cell volume’ (PCV) 8%.

He added that after conducting a test on the child the result showed that the youngster was suffering a sickle cell disease, so he advised her to visit later with her husband for counseling.

However, the woman rejected the humble advice, and instead pleaded with Dr. Ayeni to keep the child’s sickle cell status a secret, because her husband is genotype AA.

From the woman’s mannerism and revelations, she cheated on her husband with another man which resulted in the child he is fathering ignorantly.

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