Lady photoshops her late husband into maternity photo shoot

An expectant mother payed a special tribute to her late husband with her maternity shoot.

The social media user, Nazzitwazzi shared photos from her baby shower and maternity shoot on social media recently and it has caught the hearts of many.

Nazzi took the initiative to include her late husband in the maternity shoot as she carried her heavy pregnancy which was due in a few weeks.

Her joy grew after friends and family came together to throw a baby shower for her.

She was pictured posing by a photo of her late husband, happy to make him a part of the journey though he is no more.

In her post, she revealed that she felt his presence by her side as she birthed their little prince. Clearly, the new mother decided to pick joy over pain for the sake of her son who might never meet his biological father on earth.

She wrote; “Hey Hubby I know u smiling down on us like yea stink u did ya thing yesterday! I know u proud of me Babe I did not cry at all I stayed strong threw it all! I felt like u was right wit me the whole time I smiled from ear to ear feeling ya presence! Damn I just wish I can see your smile like u saw mines but baby I’m telling u I felt u by my side every step of the way! I was just there to make u proud! I’m going to take good care of our son he gone be the shit I can’t wait baby we got 9 more days I can’t wait! #heavensent #babymjshower”


Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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