M.I Abaga Calls out Singing Rappers in New Single ‘You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life’ [Listen]

M.I Abaga is back taking shots on this new single titled “You rappers should fix up your life”

The Chocolate City boss wears the mantle of Hip hop leadership and schools every rapper about the game and why there is a need for the change in the culture.

The veteran rapper calls out musicians who started off as rappers, but due to the demand in the industry, they switch up their style and take the mainstream route.

He raps in the chorus;

“I should be close to retirement/ but none of you rappers inspiring/ none of you pass the requirements/ I can’t retire yet then.

“You rappers should fix up your life/ yall getting killed by the south/ I guess I’m in this s**t for life/ I’m still the one that you look to/ you need me to figure s**t out.

He raps in the verse;

“None of you rappers is real enough, Once you blow up now you’re switching up, That’s why this fans are not feeling y’all. S.A [South African] rappers out here killing y’all..”

He continues; “Rappers are singing now just to get popular, yuck!, I just be watching like i’m at the opera, i should have brought my binoculars cos i don’t see nobody dope, i don’t see nobody great, i don’t see nobody serious about taking my place, y’all should be slapped in your face, this is your big homie telling y’all n****s to wake”

Listen below:


Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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