A Man Lost His Wallet, When People Found It, They Could Not Believe What They Discovered


Talent Factory Theater in Iowa, U.S., was under renovation when the workers found an object made of plastic underneath. When they got it out, they knew that it’s more than a child’s wallet…

After further inspection of what’s inside, they finally realized that the wallet was from the year 1944. It contained a Boy Scout card, food rations for the war, and some old faded photographs. They were also able to see a name handwritten on a card, Clare McIntosh, and a very old phone number that is out of service.

With the help of an expert, they were able to track down the owner. The man is now 85 and he is still healthy. Watch his reaction when he got hold of his wallet that was lost when he was 15.

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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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