Apostle Suleman Makes First Church Appearance Since Sex Scandal

Apostle Suleman has made his first church appearance since he got embroiled in a messy sex scandal involving Canada-based singer, Stephanie Otobo.

According to members who attended his church service yesterday, the popular cleric opened up about the recent drama, insisting that he is being witch-hunted by unknown detractors.

The famous cleric said;

“Nothing attacks reputation like allegations. God can’t be fighting when you are fighting. God fights when you are still,”

“If the devil/ kingdom of hell wants to get at you and make heaven stand firm for you/at your defense they will attack your reputation. Nothing attacks reputation like allegations. Only those who stand out are confronted.”

Recall that the controversial cleric took to Twitter to dismiss the screenshots alleged to be his NSFW video chat with the singer. Stephanie Otobo had reportedly leaked them just hours after she was released by the police.

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