Apostle Suleman responds to Witches advocacy group who challenged him to heal a Covid-19 patient and get $1,000 reward

The general overseer of OMEGA Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has replied the Association of Alleged Witches (AFAW) who challenged him to heal Covid-19 patients.

Recall that the head of AFAW, Leo Igwe, said that the association would give the cleric $1000 (N390,000) for every person he heals of coronavirus.

In a tweet on Tuesday, April 28, the pastor said that he already healed patients and would send them the details so they can go investigate if it is true.

He added that he is not the healer who did it but God. Apostle Suleman, therefore, said that for the “witches” to offer $1000 (N390,000) for the challenge show they are poor and would need the money than he does.

“A certain Leo igwe says I should heal covid19 and get a 1000dollars..I will send you the details of those already healed..so you can investigate..,” He said, adding; “I am not the healer,God is…to mention 1000dollars,shows you are broke and poor..keep it..you need the money than me..”

See his tweets below:

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