Boko Haram Affirms Allegiance To ISIS In New Video

Terrorist sect, Boko Haram has restated its commitment to operating as an outpost of the much dreaded terror group, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to which it pleaded allegiance in 2014.

In a new video published by Boko Haram, some members of the Islamist sect are seen riding on a number of trucks, some with mounted guns, before a group of fighters pose before the cameras to read out a message.

The group had recently released another video in which its leader, Abubakar Shehu purportedly hinted at a possible rethink of the group’s violent actions.

Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters immediately however cautioned on both the authenticity and purpose of the video, noting that the war against the insurgent group was still being fully prosecuted and urging vigilance.

The persistent onslaught of the military in recent months is believed to have substantially weakened the abilities of the terrorist group, curtailing even its ability to successfully execute bomb attacks which have greatly reduced in recent weeks, to the relief of many.

Earlier this week, military authorities announced the capture of a top commander of the group, Al Barnawi, on whose head the American government once placed a bounty.

It is not impossible that the latest video could be an attempt by the group to seek support from ISIS to shore up its degraded capabilities. Whichever the case, it is clear Nigeria’s security agencies cannot afford to go to sleep just yet.

Story: Sahara Reporters

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