Checkout Bizarre Requirements To Join “Omega Chicks Circle” In OAU (Photos)

‘President’ Oye-Oyin

The bizarre requirement to join a ‘Ladies Only’ group known as the ‘Omega Chicks Circle’ in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, has gone viral…

According to a picture making the rounds on social media, an ‘all girls’ group was allegedly started in the prestigious OAU, by a group of ladies whose aim is to ‘stay in wealth’.

The group identified as ‘Omega Chicks Circle’ released their ‘requirements list’ and it is nothing short of bizarre.

The list of requirements to an ‘all girls’ group in OAU

See what was written in the list below:

1. To start with, you must have @ least N50k in your bank account.

2. Your hairdo must be Brazilian hair, (minimum of 12inches & 10)

3. You must always slay and pepper them.

4. You must not walk on flats. Stilettos only (not less than 8 inches)

5. Your brows must always be on fleek.

6. No thoughts of drinking satchet water. Eva or Aquadana only!

7. Talking of phones, no I, no phone.

8. Members are not allowed to stay on campus. You’re only allowed to stay in an apartment of not less than 200k if not your house.

9. You must always go for designer products (makeup, clothes, shoes, bag)

10. Annual due is 100k, membership form is 1/4 of that (25k)

11. You must not date any guy in the hostel. If for some reasons you have to, we say no to Awo or Angola boys.

12. If you must date a guy in campus, he must be a med. floor must be the only one in his room and his room must be well furnished.

13. No association with recession stricken peoplerats.

14. No trekking. No town gboros.

15. Flouting any rule attracts N25k fine which is non refundable, and immediate dismissal after payment.


‘Vice president’ Asuquo Peace

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