Consult Native Doctors and Herbal Medicine dealers for solution to coronavirus — Traditional Ruler tells Nigerian Government

The traditional ruler of Owerre Autonomous Community in Nsukka Local Government Area, Enugu State, Igwe Emeka Ugwu has asked the Nigerian government to seek help from native doctors, soothsayers and herbal medicine dealers on how to combat the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Responding to questions from journalists at the ongoing public enlightenment campaign towards preventing the Coronavirus pandemic in Nsukka council area and its environs, Igwe Ugwu stated that the Nigerian government’s reluctance in seeking traditional help is highly regrettable.

He insisted that some native doctors have supernatural gifts and potentials in curing strange diseases

Igwe Ugwu said;

“Government at all levels should not watch people suffer and die without exploring all possible means for a cure to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“While government wait and hope on scientists for a solution to nip the spread of the pandemic in the bud, native doctors, soothsayers, and traditional herbal medicine dealers have to be consulted for a solution. Nigeria survived HIV/AIDS, Lassa fever, Ebola among others and will still survive the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Some native doctors have supernatural gifts and potentials in curing strange diseases, therefore the government should engage them to embark on spiritual warfare to curb the menace because it’s a matter of life and death.

“The disease is not an ordinary one hence the need to involve all and sundry in the quest for a solution to the cure of the pandemic virus.”

The traditional ruler also told members of the public not to panic over the increased cases of the deadly disease in Nigeria. According to him, nature will protect them from the disease.

Igwe Ugwu added;

“Nature will not allow this virus to harm any of my subjects because it is not our disease. Our land will protect us against it.”

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