Consumption of Drugs by students in Bowen University

In a recent interview with an ex student of Bowen University, he claims that the consumption of Drugs by most Bowen students is facilitated by the staffs.

He further added that there is a particular staff of Bowen University that supplies Hard drugs to students but because of his status he might not be caught, he added that the staff is a security man who goes by the name S.O and works in the security unit.

According to him, this particular staff supplies both pills and syrup to students who he knows would keep their mouth shut so as to avoid being casted.
He further added that there are some times that this guy consumes alcohol in school and it can be perceived on him but because the University is busy trying to catch the students who are involved with the use of Drugs they neglect the staffs.

He concluded by saying that, to stop the consumption of Drugs in any institution, the fight has to start with the staffs then down to the students.


Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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