COVID-19: Animals take over the streets in various cities as people self isolate (Photos)

In many countries, people have been told to stay at home to try and stop the spread of coronavirus, which means far fewer people are out and about.

And when humans are away, the animals come out to play!

Lots of creatures, from fish and ducks to deer and monkeys, have been making appearances in places you wouldn’t normally expect to see them.

Some have come to big towns and cities in search of food, while others look like they’re making the most of their freedom with humans out of the picture.

People on lockdown have been posting on social media with stories of seeing the wild animals bolding strolling through quiet, deserted streets.

Animals like wild boars, Mountain Lions, Leopards, Monkeys have been spotted on the streets which used to be inhabited by humans.

Checkout some photos below:

Wild Boar

The Spanish city of Barcelona is another place where they’ve been spotted over the past few years, but now that there’s even fewer people around, the boars are making the most of their freedom.


It’s not unusual to see monkeys on the street in Thailand, but there have been a lot more than normal about recently as they’ve been coming in search of food.

Tourists who normally keep them well-fed are staying away due to the coronavirus outbreak, which led to hundreds of monkeys running around the roads, fighting over scraps.

So many monkey were seen on the streets of Lopburi that people were making comparisons with scenes from Planet of the Apes!

Deer on the streets of Japan

With fewer humans out enjoying the park, the deer have taken to the streets

Mountain Lions

While humans are stuck inside, real-life mountain lions are out roaming the neighborhood.

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