Fast Cars Fast Money! Furious 7 Tops $800m Worldwide In 2 Weeks


“Furious 7″ shot past the $800 million mark globally after less than two weeks in theaters.

The potent cocktail of fast cars, insane action set-pieces and sweaty bald men has scored a huge total of over $800m at the worldwide box-office for Furious 7 in only its second week on release.

Its performance essentially insures that it will become the first film in the “Fast and Furious” franchise and the first Universal Pictures release in history to top $1 billion.

“Furious 7″ easily topped foreign box office charts, picking up $195 million from 22,000 locations across 66 territories. Its international total stands at $548 million through Sunday. Domestically, “Furious 7″ earned $60.6 million, besting all comers, and bringing its Stateside total to $252.5 million. “Furious 7″ has one major market left to open, Japan on April 17.

Fans of the series flocked to theaters to see how the film would handle the death of Paul Walker, who was killed in a 2013 car crash before shootings was completed.

Bulking up the already numbers for the series as a whole, Fast and Furious has made over $3 billion over the course of seven films. Audiences have lapped up the later instalments in particular, which have jettisoned the original undercover speed racing cops formula for outrageous stunts and bombastic set-pieces.

Expect even more big names to join the next film, which is set to roll into production soon.

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