Father Goes To Check His Daughters Room At 3am — What He Sees Is Every Parents Nightmare!


It was 3am when a concerned father awoke. Suddenly he felt he should check on his daughter. So, he headed into her bedroom. But he never expected to see this!

In the middle of the night, the 33-year-old dad opened his young daughter’s door. But what the hell! A massive man stood over her bed.

The father didn’t ask a lot of questions. He grabbed the intruder and beat him to a bloody pulp. Then he dragged the sexual pervert (who was later identified as 34-year-old Ricky Slater) away from his daughter’s room and called the police.

When cops arrived, they found the man unconscious. The suspected child molester died in the hospital the next morning.

Slater’s family is asking the court to charge the father who acted in defense of his daughter. So the cops upgraded Batterham’s charge from “grievous bodily harm” to murder.

Slater’s mom, Beryl Dickinson, said that because of Batterham, her three grandchildren were left without a father.

“They’ve lost their father, their beautiful father that they haven’t seen for years because he was in jail, which has nothing to do with this case,” Dickson told. “Just to think those little kids are going to grow up without a dad now.”

But who is right in this situation? Please, share your opinion below!

Story Credit: NAIJ

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  1. of course the father was right to beat the intruder… if I have an intruder I will beat him if I can till he unconscious.
    it is just a self defend… after all who would not be freaked out when there is a stranger in your house.
    His dead is not sorely the father fault. it is very unfair to judge him because he accidenttaly kill the man who were at fault.

  2. Slater’s useless family. If they were such wonderful pple, their son or husband won’t be working around looking for little girls to defile. They should have checked him into a psychiatric hospital a long time ago.

  3. He was defending his daughter because what was that man doing in her room at 3 am, a stranger at that. Let him go because I would have done the same as a father of a daughter.

  4. what else was the father of the girl surposed to do other than beating d hell out of the crazy dude..
    what wud a normal human be doing in someone else house at that time of the day?
    how did he get it?
    why was he in d girl’s room and not d kitchen if at all he was hungry?
    what was his intension ?
    who let him out of the jail?

    the Father of the girl shouldn’t be punished for anything ,at list he alarted d police…
    because if I were him, I wud even do worse..wud slice that dude into pieces…

  5. If I were him(the father of the girl) I will set the intruder on fire. The dad was fair enough to give him a befitting death. Silly family members.

  6. The father did what any loving father would do. Ricky paid the price for his crime, nobody else can e blamed for his excesses.

  7. This is not a case in my Society. If it were in Nigeria, the entire nation will descend on the Family for even accepting the Pervert to be their son. They should disown him immediately… ah!
    There is NO case here.