Freeze Reacts to Pastor Funke Adejomo’s preaching of Housewife’s being a ‘Colossol disgrace’

Controversial OAP, Daddy Freeze has gone ahead to attack Pastor Funke Adejomo, the president of Funke Felix Adejumo FOundation, over a recent statement she made during a church service.

From the video making rounds on Instagram, the pastor is seen teaching women the importance of being financially independent.

Pastor Funke Adejomo

“If you are married and all you do is have sex and give birth to children and cook good meals, i pity you because full-time housewife is full-time suffering,” the pastor said, adding “So you better do something with your life, because if the totality of your financial life is dependent on your husband, you are a colossal disgrace”

She continued. “No man wants a liability around him; every man wants an asset. You should be your husband’s think-thank.”

An that’s not all; The pastor went further to tell women who are unable to lend their husband money (say N1million) that they are ‘a failure’ and urged them to ‘do something with your life!’

“Your husband calls you and says, give me a check of N1 million, i’ll give you back in 3 days.. you say ‘you want to kill me? where do i get it?’ You are a total disgrace! All fingers are not equal, must your own be the shortest?! Do something with your life!” she said

Watch the video below:

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While some found the precher’s words inspiring, Daddy freeze couldn’t help but criticize.

The Coolfm OAP dismissed the preacher’s words as a ‘poor, insensitive delivery’ that ‘makes a mess of a great message’

Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze wrote:

“Poor, insensitive delivery, makes a mess of a great message!

A woman who can’t lend her husband N1million Naira is NOT a failure, you didn’t marry a bank did you?

Queen Esther in the Bible was a housewife and was still a critical part of God’s grand plan, so we can’t decide how someone wants to live their life. If a woman wants to be a house wife, why judge her and call her a colossal disgrace? Haven’t you heard of judge not? Oh sorry, that’s meant only for yahoo boy pastors

I think she should focus more on a woman adding value to herself, as against being able to provide money!

Marital success is not all about money in my own opinion. ~FRZ


He further went to post a pic on his IG with a quote that reads, “You say housewives are a failure but you still collect tithes from housewives”


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  1. Its cursed not cause okay and leave God to decide dat madam holy she just said her own anx the pastor mrs is not a bit wrong somewhere