Future Says Rappers are copying his style

Future has taken to his Twitter to call out his colleagues who he thinks are copying his style.

The Beast Mode 2 rapper made this accusation in a series of tweets in which he called the copycats “lil niggas”, adding that he “made them all” and has been way too “humble” which is why they continue to copy him.

He tweeted; “Enough of these lil niggas running round like I ain’t make y’all, I been humble way too long.

“Your titles and flows came Frm me..stop f–kin playin, I gracefully gave u a style to run with like it was your own. Thank me

“Your clothes,flows and hoes I’m the reason.. Only thing I ever said in life I didn’t come up with is NOCAP and I made the world say it..NO CAP”

While he didn’t mention names, his fans can guess a few you have been leeching off his creativity.


Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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