“He says my nudity makes him speak in tongue,” – Apostle Suleman’s Alleged Lover, Stephanie speaks

Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s estranged lover, Stephanie Otobo has spoken out about her relationship with the founder of the Omega Fire Ministry Worldwide.

In a video published by SaharaReporters, Stephanie Otobo made many revelations saying the preacher says her nudity makes him speak in tongue.

Stephanie’s video is coming after several reports of her alleged father and herself denying the accusations by Festus Keyamo.

The estranged lover recounted how the Apostle ensures she sends him her nude picture before going on pulpit when she’s far away in Canada.

Stephanie had also in an interview said that she did not deny that she had anything to do with Suleman, adding that the clergyman plotted to have her killed.

She alleged that Suleman is obsessed with threesomes, talked about his relationship with a tall, light-skinned actress, and alleged that Suleman pays different ladies N400,000 for sexual activity per night.

Stephanie said that she met the pastor in 2015, and that after he found out she was pregnant last year, gave her something to drink which led to her losing the baby and stooling blood. She described it as a “spiritual battle”.

Video below:

Stephanie, who is represented by Festus Keyamo chambers recounted her sexual relationship with the preacher that was once rescued by Gov Ayodele Fayose when the DSS reportedly laid siege on him in Ado Ekiti after a crusade.

The singer maintained that Festus Keyamo Chambers remain her legal representative and will continue to speak out on the alleged secret sexual life of Apostle Suleiman.

The Canadian based singer was reportedly arrested by Nigerian police officers while waiting in a banking hall at Anthony Village, Lagos.

Stephanie, who was charged with terrorism and extorting before a Lagos Chief Magistrate in Lagos, has been granted bail by a Chief Magistrate Justice, Kikelomo Bukola Ayeye.

Though her bail was reportedly frustrated by the police, Stephanie spoke on the sidelines waiting for her bail to be perfected.

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  1. Your story looks like a fake story to me. I believe you’re a liar . This is a scam story. God himself will judge whoever that lies.

  2. Am not seen a good human being body on this woman, u are just a devilst wiman , u want to bring down d glory of prophet Suleiman, but God will not surrender him to u. Shame on uuuuuuuuu

  3. Some here are calling the lady liar without a shred of evidence to disprove her than their blind faith in Johnson, bringing them closer to liars then she. In any other instance they’d these very shallow minded halfwits would been sporting for the girl, adducing the improbability of making such an allegation from thin air without there being – at the very least – vestiges of truth. This is true especially of the ladies. However, the man in question here is a self-professed apostle, and some deem it a religious responsibility to pass judgment based on their leanings to creed than the credibility of their arguments; even suggesting that she had been paid to set up the pastor – another baseless allegation woven from sheer speculation, ergo, a lie! Some even foretell the hell awaiting her but don’t stop for a moment to consider that if Johnson turns out a wolf in sheep’s clothing, they’ll be first on his meal list, and his perdition shall similarly be theirs. “Man of God” is after all, manmade and not a Divine ordination; and it amounts to Great Deception to think one owes alligiance to coverups in the name of the Lord than seeking and speaking the truth in His name. God and the devil are not served in the same way.

  4. Your stupidity and evilmindedness overflows. Stupidity, because you cannot keep to the subject at hand; and evilmindedness because you seek to bring down everything with you rather than take the fall alone, and that you make allegations you cannot substantiate. That the planet harbors even a single dolt like you is a major triumph for Satan.

  5. So among all the beautiful ladies that attends OPM,even the ones that loves the man of God from different parts of the world,you are the one he chose to have affair with.have you tried comparing his wife with yourself? Then you will understand how ungly you look,I don’t know how much you are paid for this,but believe me you’re insane. #if Una like make Una catch him red handed it will not change my love for him.

  6. I smell a rat. How much does the shameless prostitute has to hire a lawyer like keyamo. I guess she is been sponsored