‘I Was Given N4000 To Chop Off Woman’s Head & Hand’- 61 Year Year Old Suspect Caught In Badagry Reveals As He Begs For Forgiveness

A man, Taofik Adara, arrested in Badagry on Sunday with female body parts, yesterday said he was paid N4000 by a herbalist to kill the woman.

Adara, alias Kie-Kie, was paraded at the Lagos State Police Command Headquarters, Ikeja.

He said he chopped off the woman’s head with a cutlass, while two alfas (Islamic clerics) and a herbalist held her hands.The victim, he added, had been hypnotised by a native doctor before he killed her.

Adara, 61, said the cutlass used was given to him by the herbalist who hired him.

He said the woman, whose identity was still unknown, was brought to him from Sango Ota, Ogun State by the two alfas who needed fresh human parts to prepare a concoction for their client.

Adara said:

“I live at Itoga-Zeba area of Badagry. I am a woodcutter by profession and at times I assist owners of coconut plantation to help pluck coconut.

“The whole drama started on Saturday evening when one of my herbalist friends known as Manase came to me to say that he was expecting two alfas from Sango Ota. He said they would be coming with a lady and that he would pay me N4000 to help butcher the woman.

He told me that the two alfas needed some fresh human parts to prepare a concoction for one of their clients.

“True to his words, the two alfas arrived at Itoga on Sunday evening. I noticed that before their arrival the two alfas had used some charms on the lady. She was just obeying their directives without asking any question.

I asked her where she came from and she explained that she resided at Ota and that she had gone to seek spiritual help from one of the alfas.

“Around 9am on Sunday we took the lady deep into the forest, close to a river. Manase asked her to kneel and she did.

It was while she was still kneeling that I chopped off her head with a sharp cutlass given to me by Manase.”

He likened killing the woman to butchering a ram.

He said after severing the victim’s head from her body, Manase instructed him to hold on to the head, while he (herbalist) removed her heart and two hands.

“Manase told me that the two alfas needed the lady’s head, heart and two hands from the wrist.

He then took away the remains of the victim to use on a later day. It was while he was cutting off other essential human parts that a policeman who resides in our area arrived. The police would have arrested four of us if he had not shouted.

The three of them took to their heels when they heard the noise.”

According to The Nation, Adara said last Sunday’s incident was his second involvement in such act. He said he killed another person about a year ago, adding that the victim was also brought to him by his herbalist friend.

According to him, Manase paid him N8000 for the first job.

“The first victim was also a woman. Manase had agreed to pay me N3000 but those who came for the human parts gave me an additional N5000 making it N8000,” he added.

The suspect, who has two wives and 15 children, begged for forgiveness, stressing that he would feel bad if any member of his family was so treated.

Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni said Adara was being detained at the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID) at Panti, Yaba, Lagos Mainland.

He said all those involved in the Oct would be brought to book.

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