Lagos House of Reps to Give Special Recognition to 5.0CGPA UNILAG Graduate


The Lagos House of Representatives will be giving a special recognition to the Ayodele Dada for his exceptional academic performance at the University of Lagos. Dada, who studied Psychology, made history by graduating with a 5.0 CGPA and so far, he had been awarded with several cash prizes, employment offers and even an apartment from Sujimoto.

The House of Rep stated that it hopes the recognition ceremony would help other students to be encouraged by the inspirational achievement of Dada. Ayo will be reportedly ushered into the House to sit among members for a special recognition. A  senior legislative official confirmed the ceremony in Abuja on Monday, “he will be ushered in and a motion will be moved to honour the young man, during which members will speak on Dada’s achievement.”

The Leader of the House, Mr Femi, has also written to inform the lawmakers about the need to honour Dada. The letter urged members to applaud Dada’s dedication at a time of national “despondency”.

Gbajabiamila also stated that Ayo’s story was compelling and inspirational to the youth, adding that he represents and mirrors the hope of the country’s tomorrow.

The recognition ceremony was scheduled for today March 22 but the House postponed it because it would not be sitting.

Source: PUNCH

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