Leaked Civil War Scenes Show Captain America On The Streets Of Lagos (Photos)


Hollywood has gone all the way global and now Naija is finally getting a chance to play a role, literally. Well at least the city of Lagos.

Captain America: Civil War is one of the most highly anticipated movies, and now, Nigerians and Naija lovers have one more reason to look forward to the movie – some of the fight will be on the streets of Lagos.

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Leaked photos show Captain America in his costume being surrounded by people in what looks like an Obalende or an Ojuelegba parts of Lagos, complete with the yellow danfo buses and the heavy foot traffic.

However, all of that was shot in Atlanta with special effects and African and African-American actors.

One wonders if the depiction of Lagos, Nigeria will be the stereotypical Hollywood story of suffering or it will be the true tale of hustle and flow.

Meanwhile, here are on some set photos. It is not clear which ones will make the cut yet.







This is not the first time American Studios will be illustrating Lagos, Nigeria in their Projects. Ps4 game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare had a very good depiction of Lagos Nigeria in a mission in the game, X-Men Origins also had to ‘land’ in Lagos Nigeria in search of a diamond in the movie.

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