Man Caught Stealing Offering Money From Church, What The Pastor Did After Is Surprising


A member of a catholic church in Abia state, identified as Paul, has been arrested after stealing money from the church offering collection.

Paul was caught by the church’s security guards, after he stole the money. Further investigations revealed that Paul had been caught perpetrating the same act before.

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Paul had stayed behind pretending to be waiting for his confession session, after other worshippers had left the church premises. He then allegedly went to where the offering box was kept, stuck his hand inside, pulled out some money and stuffed them in his pockets.

Paul did not realize he had been seen by the security guards, until they stopped and searched him, recovering the undisclosed amount of money he had stolen from the offering box. The security guard proceeded to take him directly to the parish priest, who asked that he should be released.

Paul was however arrested for assault, after he went home and beat up his wife, blaming her for all his misfortunes.

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Source: NAIJ

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