Man Caught with Head and Hands of a Lady Suspected to be his Girlfriend in Lagos

Taofik. Photo Credit: PUNCH

One Taofik aka Kiekie, who claimed to be a hunter was on Sunday apprehended by a policeman in the Ikoga Zebbe area of Badagry, Lagos State after he was found with the head and hands of a yet to be identified lady.

One resident claimed the deceased was the suspect’s girlfriend.

One of the residents, David Taiwo explaining what happened to PUNCH, said:

“Taofik has been living in the community for a long time. People are used to seeing him with pieces of wood on his head while riding a bicycle with one hand. Nobody knew his exact job.

A few days ago, he started going about with sacks that were always soaked with blood. When he was asked what he was carrying, he said he had become a hunter, adding that he was carrying fresh bush meat.

A policeman, who had observed him, decided to stop him yesterday (Sunday). The man said he was interested in buying the bush meat and when Taofik started an argument with him, he forced the suspect to open the sack.

He brought out a knife to attack the officer and the policeman raised the alarm. He abandoned the sack and took to his heels. People gave him a chase, caught up with him and took him back to where the sack was. They found a young lady’s head and hands in the sack.

David said that after Taofik said he was selling the body parts to people who needed them for diabolic purposes, adding that he uses charm on his victims, then takes them across a river, into a bush to kill them.

He said he cuts off their body parts afterwards.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, another resident said: “The man has two wives and the lady he killed was his girlfriend. People wanted to kill him, but the police saved him. He mentioned two other members of his gang, who have been arrested by the police. We learnt that their witch doctor has escaped.”

Police officers from Area K Command arrested the suspect and then handed him over to operatives of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad on Monday.

“The FSARS officials followed him into the bush where they found other parts of the lady’s body and some other rotten human parts,” another resident said.

ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer said the case is being investigated.

Photo Credit: PUNCH

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