Man parks his car on the 3rd Mainland Bridge, Lagos, and jumps inside the lagoon

A middle aged man, said to be a doctor has just hurled himself into the lagoon from the 3rd mainland bridge in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital.

According to Pulse, Eyewitnesses on the scene said that the incident occurred at about 5:30pm on Sunday.

“He dressed like he was returning from church and his driver was behind the wheels”, said one eyewitness.

“He then asked his driver to park beside the railings of the bridge before he took the dive”, concluded the eyewitness.

The car from where the man jumped into Lagoon (Credit: Pulse)

At the time of filing this story, a crowd had formed at the spot from where the man plunged himself into the lagoon.

Another eyewitness said the gentleman said he just wanted to pee before taking the dive.

The Police had arrived the scene and turned down questions from a reporter who immediately drove to the spot of the suicide.

According to Pulse, The Police were seen to be harassing and blaming the driver for the incident, even as the driver was explaining that he doesn’t work on Sundays and was only on duty because his boss asked him to show up at work.

“I couldn’t have thrown my Oga into the lagoon because he was seated at the back”, the driver explained tearfully.

The driver corroborated eyewitness account of events.

The car from where the man threw himself into the Lagoon (Credit: Pulse)

The Police was treating the driver as a suspect, Pulse reports.

There are suggestions that the man passed on soon after he hit the bottom of the lagoon.

Ambulances also drove to the scene soon after; but there was not much that was achieved as they were no divers onboard.

The driver of the car is in blue native (Credit: Pulse)

Eyewitnesses said it was no doubt premeditated suicide.

Rescue efforts were also yet to commence before we went to press.

The incident occurred midway on the third mainland bridge from the Yaba-Ebute Metta end.

Credit: Pulse ng

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