How a Nigerian man caught his childhood friend chanting incantations against him, during a visit

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to reveal how a friend of his caught a childhood friend chanting incantations against him during a visit in his home, thanks to his bedside CCTV camera.

According to the story that was shared on Facebook, the said man left his childhood friend downstairs to take a shower in his bedroom upstairs, and on stepping out of the shower, he sighted his friend on the CCTV screen with something fetish on his hands chanting incantations.

He wrote:

“Be careful the people you let into your hose. Be careful the people you open your doors to. Not everyone is happy you bought a car, married a new wife, opened a new house, got a new phone, new job or even a new show. The world is dark and people are DANGEROUS!!

My friend just came oout of his bathroom upstairs and something took his eyes to the CCTV screen beside his bed. What did he see? His childhood friend who came visiting and whom he left downstairs to have a quick shower had something in his hand chanting incantations.

They are at the Police station now.”


Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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