Nigerian Man Dishes Advice To ‘Jobless Young Graduates’

A Nigerian Twitter user has taken to the social media platform to share a newfound discovery.

@Millishield, who is a bricklayer, dished out career advice to people he describes as ‘jobless Nigerians’.

He tweeted about how he went to the market and found out that people who own Grinding Machines make at least 150k in a month, which is above the minimum wage in Nigeria.

“I was at the market this morning, had a chat with the owner of the grinding machine, he told me he makes well above 5k per day, I was like wahoo, 5×30=150k naira per month…what are you waiting for….tweet directed to jobless young graduates. Grinding machine costs 50k”

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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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