Nigerian Reportedly Jumps to His Death From 31st Floor Condo in Malaysia

A Malaysia-based Nigerian national identified by friends as Chimaobi (aka Paco Jelapa) is reportedly dead in a suspected case of suicide.

According to his friend Evangelist Uzodinma, who shared the story on Facebook, Chimaobi, who reportedly is from Ideato in Imo State, jumped out of the window of his 31st floor condo. Here’s what Uzodinma posted:

“R.i .p paco jelapa na malaysia, my home boy,my classmate,my roommate,my kings mate, He was screaming “leave me alone, leave me alone”and then threw his laptop and phone off the window and followed it thereafter via the same window from a 31 story building,,,,,,,,not ordinary,,,,,,,God knows everything! May ur soul rest in peace, Butibalati miss u chimaobi”

Uzodinma also shared the last video the deceased shared, one of which shows Chimaobi vehemently rebuking uncertain death, saying he would never die young.

“God, is this how you are? The one who refuses to know God is in trouble. I can never die young,” he said in the video, “I have peace of mind. God is with me!”

You can watch the videos below:

In his last video while singing he was quoted as saying “we can never die young”

Watch video of the Chimaobi having fun with his girlfriend as posted by Uzodinmma (he really did seem like he was happy…)

Recently, Malaysia has become a hot bed for Nigerians involved in shady dealings and violent altercations, with a few nabbed by the state police. There are no official reports from the Malaysian police since the news of Chimaobi’s death surfaced on social media.

However, the deceased’s close associates are flooding social media with condolence messages, with some insisting that Chimaobi’s suicide remains a mystery.

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