Nigerians React to Elderly Chief Bowing Before Edo First Lady, Lara Oshiomole


A photo shared by a Facebook User is currently causing a furore on social media.

The controversial photo shows an elderly Edo chief bowing to greet the First Lady of Edo state, Lara Oshiomole. The Facebook User had sparked a conversation by captioning the photo with this:

‘It is obvious that we have some people with tumors in their brains, thereby making their brains function anti clockwisely. I am an African man and an Esan man by birth. If this shameless, useless and poverty sticking man were to be my father (God forbids) I will stone him to death. This isn’t Courtesy! But stupidity, and POVERTY INDUCED MADNESS’

There were mixed reactions from people, with many calling the act a taboo and demeaning of an African man. Others saw nothing wrong with the picture and  pointed that the negative reactions was an example of gender inequality issues in Africa.

See the reactions.

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Do you think the Chief was wrong for bowing to greet the First Lady?

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Can't remember who i stole this bio from or why

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