Nigerian Students Involved in Xenophobic Attack in India Speak

On Monday, a chilling video surfaced on social media, showing a Nigerian being severely beaten with sticks and metal chairs by mob of Indians in a town called Greater Noida.

According to reports, several Nigerians had been attacked and injured during a protest by locals on Monday, following the death of an Indian student; an incident for which 5 Nigerians were blamed.

The Nigerians were accused of supplying the 19-year-old student with the drugs he overdosed on, and of eating him up after his body went missing. You can read more HERE.

Now some victims are recounting the horrific incident.

Auwal Aliyu, a 27-year-old biotechnology student, narrated how he was chased and brutally beaten while on his way to a food shop.

Auwal Aliyu

“They Thrashed Me With Mops And Whatever They Had Within Their Reach,” Said Aliyu, Who Has Since Locked Himself Away In His Hostel Room. When He Managed To Escape

Luckily for Aliyu, he was able to escape and find safety in an apartment block where some other Nigerians resided. Aliyu was later rushed to the hospital, he suffered a swollen chest and a bruised ankle.

Brothers, Precious and Endurance Amalawa – who were the ones in the video that was shared, recounted how they were chased into the Ansal Plaza where they were nearly lynched.

“We went inside an apparel outlet for protection but it did not help,” said Precious Amalawa, “I am considering dropping out from the university and leaving India once I fully recover.”

Both brothers suffered severe injuries to the back and chest while Endurance is temporarily confined to a wheelchair.

So far, the Noida Police have named nine suspects and arrested five people in connection to the incident.

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