‘NYSC Member’ who bragged about his sexual relations with an underage student has reportedly been arrested

Gbadamosi Mayowa, the ‘NYSC member’ who took to his social media to brag about his sexual relationship with an underage student has reportedly been arrested.

According to Esther Ijewere, the National Coordinator of Walk Against Rape Nigeria, Mayowa was arrested yesterday after she joined forces with the other activists and authorities to track him down.

Recall that after Gbadamosi Mayowa Instagrammed his sexual exploits with an underage student, it sparked major outrage. The alleged NYSC member deleted his Instagram afterwards, but Esther Ijewere took it up with the relevant authorities.

In February, the activist revealed that the Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs had taken up the case against Gbadamosi. Now, she confirms his arrest.

Here’s what Esther Ijewere posted on her Facebook:

“OluwaMayowa Gbadamosi, the Edo state youth Corp member who bragged about sleeping with an under age girl online was arrested yesterday. The President of the National Association of Edo State Students ; Comr. David Amenaghawon , the Director for child, the NYSC, the civil group Omo Edo Pataki and myself worked alongside the Commissioner of Police to fish him out.

I will give more update as things unfold.”

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