Parents Slam Disney Over “Same Sex” Surprise In New “Beauty & The Beast” Remake

While many commended Disney over their first ever gay kiss scene in Monday’s episode of children’s cartoon “Star vs. the Forces of Evil.” (click here if you missed it), parents have come out to slam the introduction of ‘Same-sex surprise’ in Beauty and the Beast..

The company had introduced a ‘Same-sex surprise’ in the movie, however the idea turned out to be ‘not-one-of-the-most-brilliant-million-dollar-move’ as parents have publicly vowed against allowing their children access to the movie.

Some parents went as far as questioning the mental health of the company along with the Hollywood stars who felt it right to tamper with the story in such ‘disgusting’ way.

The move by Disney has garnered alot of negative reviews from parents especially those who feel homosexualism is being forced down the throat of everybody in the bid to create an awareness for acceptance.

See some comments by parents below;

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