“Pastors who anoint women on their breasts are not from God” — Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Adeboye has condemned Pastors how anoint their female worshipers on sensitive parts of their body.

The RCCG General Overseer said that any pastor who anoints women on their breast is not from God.

Adeboye, who spoke at a recent programme of the church said the head was the headquarters for anointing, warning men of God against anointing women on their breasts.

“Any man who anoints women on their breasts is not from God.The head is the headquarters for the anointing in your body. Search your heart and be honest with yourself if you have missed it in your relationship with God.

“Holiness is crucial in sustaining the anointing because whenever the anointing dries up, the devil steps in. It is better never to be anointed than to be an ex-anointed. If you abuse anointing, it can destroy you. Samson is an excellent example. To be specially anointed, you must be holy,” he said.

“Anointing is the difference between those who sweat and preach for long but yet nothing to show for it and those who preach for a little time with plenty result.

“To God’s glory, I have suspended the rain before when it threatened to stop people from coming out to give their lives to Jesus during a crusade in Abeokuta. When anointing flows through your mouth, you can control the weather.

“Every spy in your family, churches, and business, every agent of the devil hibernating in your family, the fire of God will consume them. God showed me the plans of the ringleader of spies who came for an evil purpose. God has not changed.

“You cannot bribe a witch. You cannot convert a demon. A demon is a demon, full stop. The Consuming fire will deal with every demon in your family. God is love, but also the Consuming fire. Some people will just not repent.”


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