Photographer Exposes UBA Staff, Accuses her of Stealing His Sister’s Husband, Sending Nudes

A Nigerian photographer, Olaseyi Arisekola took to his Instagram page to call out a staff of UBA for allegedly sleeping with his sister’s husband, sending him nude photos and also trying to break their home.

He also mentioned that he had tried reaching the management through a Mr Razak Shittu but he didn’t get a favourable response.

He also said the nude photos will be released before the end of today.

He wrote;

I have been trying to reach out on social media but little response was gotten. I hope you find time to understand, investigate and let the world know my story.”

“A UBA staff obviously seen my sister’s husband account decides to go after him and they had an affair. Now my sister home is broken(though wife and husband are settling back fine now) because the staff knew he is married even though she is now claiming otherwise. We even have the nude pictures she sends to him which we will upload soon.”

“It was reported to UBA first thinking their policy doesn’t support that kind of thing especially a staff tapping rich customers. Mr Razak Shittu from UBA called us and told us that they will investigate the matter that we should send the nude pictures to him, we did.”

“Only for him to call us back and say the lady have been interrogated and confirmed she had the affair but (in his word) “we should let go, that she has been given a formal warning and that we should forgive, because if they sack her and my sister husband decides to marry the lady, who would lose my sister or the lady”. can you imagine that statement, shouldn’t that be our headache?

“And after I told him this thing has destroyed my sisters family with two kids, he said ‘if I don’t listen to him we should go ahead and do whatever we want. I want to believe that’s his opinion and not of the bank,but it doesn’t matter again. We would go ahead and upload the nude pictures while tagging all bloggers, as well as screen grab our message to UBA and their responses.”


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