PHOTOS: House Where Buhari Was Born + Meet His Sister


BBC’s reporter, Abdullahi Kaura Abubakar visited the very house where President-Elect,  General Buhari was born.

Here are photos from the video the news site released and they truly reflect Buhari’s humble beginnings. The video reveals that his relatives still live there and Gen Buhari’s sister,  Rakiya Amadodo Muhammadu, is excited and elated that her brother has been elected president of Nigeria.

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Abdullahi also chatted with Buhari’s best friend while he was young, Alhaji Lawal Aliyu. When he was asked what kind of a boy Buhari was, Alhaji Aliyu said he was a cool, disciplined boy. He made it known that it was when he went to secondary school and he later joined the military that he became more and more disciplined and he never bullied him when they were young.

Photos Below:

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