Pregnant Teen Killed By Train ‘While Posing On Tracks For Modelling Shoot’

A young woman has been struck and killed by a train while allegedly posing for photos on the tracks.

Fredzania Thompson was hit at a spot where two train tracks meet in Texas, US.

The 19-year-old, who was engaged, was posing for images at the site in a bid to launch a modelling career, her family say.

According to Witnesses told investigators she was standing where two train tracks meet.

According to the, Thomson was standing between the tracks and watching for an oncoming train with her back turned toward another oncoming train.

Witnesses said she tried to cross the Union Pacific tracks to avoid the BNSF train and was hit by the Union Pacific train.

She died en route to a local hospital.

Thompson’s family shared a photo taken of her on the tracks just before she died. In the photo she poses confidently in black, smiling, poised on the train tracks. The photos, taken by a friend of a friend, were to be the beginning of a portfolio the young woman was hoping to use in her pursuit of a modeling career.

Thompson’s fiance Darnell Chatman, 25, said she had been offered several modeling opportunities in the past, but had turned them down.

According to Chatman, Thompson — who would have turned 20 on Monday called him two weeks ago and was crying happy tears.

“She said, ‘You’re going to be a dad again,'” he said.

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