Queen’s College Students Take to the Streets: “Free Seni Osifala”


This afternoon, some of the students of Queen’s College Lagos, took to the streets of Yaba, protesting against the allegations leveled on their teacher, Seni Osifala.

“If he goes, the A’s are gone,” said the placards held by the concerned students, adding, “Vindicate Seni.”

On another placard, is the note, “No mother, no daughter case. Free Mr. Seni Osifala!”




This comes hours after the principal of the college stood in support of the accused teacher. In a statement released last night, the principal Mrs Lami Amodu denied that any parent laid complaint of sexual harassment against the teacher, and she also vouched for the accused, saying that he has “been of impeccable character”.

She also went on to chalk up the allegations to jealousy, adding that it was simply a campaign of calumny against the teacher who won five awards.

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