Secondary School Graduate Bags 37-year Sentence over $40m Internet Fraud


Yesterday, 21-year-old Tobechukwu Igbokwe was slammed with a 37 years in jail for defrauding an American of $40 million in an inheritance scam after he pleaded guilty to the 12-count charge of forgery, conspiracy and obtaining money by false pretence.

Tobechukwu Igbokwe (also known as David Prince) and his co-conspirator Ifeanyi Obi duped the American, M. Silva, of $40million, and Igbokwe reportedly also confessed to duping more foreigners, including T. Bedwell from whom he got $6,000 from, and R. Hunt, $15,000.

The Justice Lateef Lawal Akapo of a Lagos High Court sitting in Ikeja, sentenced Igbokwe to 7 years on counts 1-8; 8years on count 9; 7years on count 10, 8years on count 11 and 7 years on count 12, which made a cumulative of 37years imprisonment, and they are to run concurrently, starting from October 28, 2013, the day he was remanded in prison custody.

Igbokwe was also ordered to return the $40m as restitution to the victim, and also give up his Toyota Corolla car, a proceed from the crime.

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