The True Story – Death Of Silverbird TV Staff, Aisha Mustapha


News on the death of Silverbird TV staff, Aisha Mustapha shocked many as there were rumors that she was killed by a married man she was dating, or her boyfriend. Those stories turn out to be false.

Stella Dimoko reports:

“The story on how she got murdered just to clear the air on the misconception about how she dated or was killed by a married man or boyfriend is false. It’s her neighbour’s brother, a 22 years old dude, he stays with his brother’s family.

Aisha stayed in the BQ… Dude was toasting Aisha who was 29 and she refused point blank.. She even reported to the dudes brother, that one talked and talked to his brother but the guy was obsessed over Aisha and They sent him packing from their house… Saturday he came to wait for her,and as she parked he followed her into the compound and attacked her, stabbed her 15 times, dragged her outside, put her in the gutter, the noise from the generator drowned all the noise.

Another neighbour came out to empty his trash and saw the boy putting her in the gutter, he went to meet the boy, held him and raised alarm.

He is currently in Police custody. Aisha was just asking him ”why have you killed me, why have you killed me”

Aisha Mustapha was a staff of Silverbird TV at the time of the murder.

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  1. What a cruel world! 22yrs old guy toasting 29yrs old babe,wonder they say shall never end. May her gentle soul rest in peace.

  2. Now he’s got her I guess….that dude should be put to death but he also need to die slowly and painfully

  3. Dat heartless dude should b dealt with severly 4 others 2 take correction. Is dating now a do or die tin?

  4. Nigerian police have collected money and change this story….. I don’t believe this is the true story and it really doesn’t add up.

  5. so which neighbours formulated and insisted on the Initial story. seriously don’t know what to believe

  6. D dude will get his, gurls learn aw to let a dude off gently in lieu of insulting him, I guess she probably did that, not al dudes handle rejection well

  7. This is not true about the story… That boy was innocent from all of this .. They just make up all dis story. The truth is dat the boy was helping the lady.. When he saw his neighbor on the hotter bleeding.., so he try 2 drag the lady out and went calling people 2 come and help… The boy is totally innocent from this. It was even the boy and the landlord of the house that helped the lady to the hospital b4 the doctors ask 4 police report so the boy went 2 give a police report on their way coming back they found out that the lady was dead.. So u see.. The boy was just trying 2 help becourse the lady was his neighbor. Buy the way the boy was coming from travel when he came 2 meet the lady on a pool of blood, according to the boy he said on his way approaching 2the gate from afar he site the lady was fight with a man which is her boyfriend, the next was that he man pounch her and she fell 2 the gotter that was when the boy rush to the seen but b4 he could get there the man ran away. So the boy was not the lady boyfriend not at all. Not the poor boy is been accused for what he did not do. Why can’t see the truth and say it.

  8. And plz if i may ask..who was counting the number of tyms she was stabbed the entire tym and didnt rescue her instead of standing dere and counting… **bottomline..fake story**

  9. This new story doesn’t add up he followed he into d compound so no one heard her scream who opened d gate? No security man when he was dragging her nobody saw him a human was dragged not a chicken oo pls anyway may her gentle soul RIP either way she dint deserve death

  10. Seriously,Let Me Act Like An Investigator,A Killer From Outside Will Only Kill N Run Away,The Neighbor Boy Cannot Take Such Risk After Being Sent Away Comeback Kill Her N Drag Her Body Down Only To Be Seen By Next Neighbor,A Killer Hides His Trace Well Not To Be Seen,I Dont Believe The Lover Boy Will Do Such,He Also Gave Report\Statement,He Must Ve Been Torture By Nigeria Police To Tell Lies,Nigeria Police Re The Most Corrupt Being I Ve Ever Met,Trust Me,I Ve Experience Them,They Re So Corrupt.

  11. Infact how on earth can i belive dis.y cant naija police do proper investigation 2 find out who d 2ru killer is instead of cookn up dis story .lets wait n c where d story ends if d inocent boy wil b sentenced n d real killer wil walk scot free.RIp Aishat

    1. Naija police una go see white say na much una Don collect to cook up dis story nawa oooo. Na God go punish all of una if anything happen to that guy . Remember what goes around surely comes around.R.I.P Aishat.

  12. I feel these story is false from the depth of my heart, I suspect a popular and well known person must have done this and bribed the police, aisha obviously must have taken a negative decision that is so grieve to turn a man into a beast to do such to her, she probably didn’t think the other party will get so desperate to save his face as a popular person or for his marriage’s sake. She obviously didn’t play clean to have motivated someone to kill her in such a brutish manner, however R I P to her and may the rest of us have a glorious and painless end